Mathematics is concerned with topics such as quantity, structure, space and change. Students can become stymied at many different levels, from basic math to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus. Our coaches are proficient in all of these different branches of math. They also help students cultivate strong mathematical habits of double-checking work to avoid careless mistakes. We are one of the top math tutoring services in Albuquerque!

Math tutoring

Basic Math Tutoring

Our math coaches can easily explain mathematical topics ranging from exponents, radicals, and imaginary numbers, to scientific notation and ratios. Many students become confused by fractions, ratios, decimals and percentages. Yet, these concepts are all interconnected and understanding the connections will provide the student a foundational appreciation of the complexity and beauty of math.

Algebra I & II Tutoring

Algebra I and Algebra II involve more advanced mathematical concepts and skills. These include ratios, percentages, linear equations, inequalities, absolute values and matrices. Further topics include direct and inverse variation, scientific notation, exponential functions, polynomials, factoring and the quadratic equation.

For many students, these algebraic concepts are difficult to master. Working one-on-one with a math coach helps students improve their confidence and understanding. The highly qualified coaches at A+ meet students where they are and motivate them to do their best work. We work with many styles ensuring students comprehend the material they are learning.

Geometry Tutoring


Geometry can be a more concrete mathematical discipline than algebra. Concepts such as line segments, angles and coordinate planes, along with shapes such as triangles, circles and quadrilaterals are relatively easy to understand. Geometry becomes more challenging once students begin to work with similarity, transformations and vectors. Geometry truly becomes challenging when students have to engage in logic and intuition in creating geometric proofs.

A+ tutors specialize in taking broad concepts and turning them into manageable units. Students who walk into appointments with a dazed look on their faces always experience moments where the light bulb of understanding finally goes on in their heads. Our coaches are extremely patient in helping students develop strategies to help them learn how to construct proofs and deepen their analytical thinking skills.

Pre-calculus & Calculus Tutoring

The further math progresses, the more conceptual and baffling it can become. Pre-calculus and Calculus involve advanced work in functions, logarithmic functions, conic sections, the complex plane, polar forms, two and three-dimensional vectors and probability distributions.

A+ Academic Coaches have extensive experience in making these perplexing mathematical ideas accessible to students. They utilize a variety of innovative explanations and models to increase student understanding. They frequently bring in real-world application so that the concepts become more familiar and relatable.

ACT, PSAT and SAT Math Tutoring

A+ Academic Coaching offers comprehensive tutoring in ACT, PSAT and SAT preparation through Boot Camps and one-on-one tutoring. Acing the ACT, the company’s custom-created textbook, covers the math topics in these tests in detail and gives students plenty of opportunities to practice their skills. Students also create online study sets in Quizlet that match the formulas they learn in the textbook. Quizlet’s interactive flashcards and online quizzes help students memorize important formulas used on standardized tests.

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